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Empathy I’m worried I’m using his death to get attention. Just like my mother did when Dad dropped dead. A massive coronary at work.  Dead before he’d hit the floor. You’d have thought, with time, her grieving might subside. It was nearly … Continue reading

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The bus ride seemed never-ending. Just the Texas portion seemed longer than his entire summer vacation. He fidgeted with the yo-yo in his pocket. The woman across the aisle smiled. She’d gotten on in Dallas. She looked sort-of like an … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation

The day after the kids left, I filled a couple cardboard boxes with my stuff. The school year had been draining, with ‘no child left behind’ forced down our administrators’ throats and ejected through us, the teachers’. I blamed ‘Dubya’ when simultaneously, … Continue reading

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Series of Unfortunate Events

                                   Series of Unfortunate Events The shopping was going dreadfully slow. Stores were too crowded, with rude salespersons, and a false cheery sense of holiday … Continue reading

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Gone before Dawn

A garbage truck wakes him. He lounges on the sofa. His thoughts are fuzzy. He recalls his dream, a complex voyage story.  Doesn’t analyze it, just changes subtle details.  But how did it end? They trounce downstairs, all flushed, breathless, … Continue reading

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Indian/God/ Homeless apparition sidles up beside me in Fern Dell Park with his one-blue-eye-one-brown-eyed dog says, pointing “That river over there once told many stories…” We stand, stare the reverent silence hovering between us until interrupted by the stirring Allright … Continue reading

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The Empty Nest

The Empty Nest The kitchen was silent with the exception of my slurps. I was still slunk down in the corner, downing that last bit of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, the freezing cold oozing bits sliding down my throat. I wanted … Continue reading

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He was myopic, intertwined in his tunnel vision, able to see only what was directly in front of him. And even that was a slight exaggeration. He had elevated blood pressure that turned his hair orange. He left his medication … Continue reading

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Shopping for Christmas

She downs a quart of Ben & Jerry’s in the dining area of Whole Foods while her kids scream at Dad in their kitchen “When’s Mommy coming home?” This is her favorite stop this one night out alone this entire … Continue reading

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Rocket Scientist

Rocket Scientist There is a slight defensiveness on her part, an anxious tone, a quiver which he recognizes from strained conversations. He brings with him a Hallmark greeting card as his peace offering. She reads, her face resigned, tight at the corners … Continue reading

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