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Transition “I don’t know if I can do this,” I said. “How I can do this.” “You need some stamina,” Miles replied. “Stamina? Are you serious?” I laughed. “Look at me. I can barely move.” I felt like a vegetable, … Continue reading

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Post Update

Post Update Greetings everyone, let me begin by saying this is NOT fiction! This is me, Robert Vaughan, the author of One Writer’s Life. I wanted to take a pause, and share some of the statistics of what has happened … Continue reading

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Caro I’ve heard it said, the older the friend the better. I don’t mean older, as in ancient or curmudgeon. I mean someone, like my friend, Louis, who has been in my life since childhood. Louis grew up in the same small … Continue reading

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Leaving Leaving: a cadence, a beat. A repetition in our minds, lost and forgotten. A shoe box empty and discarded. Painful, stumbling through, not around, this hurdle. And still, caresses linger at the bottom of your bag of memories like … Continue reading

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The Hammock

The Hammock It had been quite a day, and they were both tired. In the moonlight, intermittent cloud cover caused darkness and yet when the full moon was unobstructed, the lake glimmered. Through the light clouds, the millions of stars … Continue reading

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The Narrow Door

The Narrow Door Dad used a hose to fill the pool. It was attached to a spigot in the garage. I shivered when I saw the level of water rising, the fresh dose of chemicals slightly burned my eyes. “What … Continue reading

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Aunt Polly

Aunt Polly “But you’ll still keep them,” she said, “if I give them to you?” We are driving to Aunt Polly’s and have to cross the international border from Canada into New York State. “Okay, I’ll keep them,” I replied, … Continue reading

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Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf Benjamin noticed the look on her face. “You picked this?” She nodded. “I liked the name.” She sat at their kitchen table, took a sip of water, the first of her eight glasses she’d have that day. He … Continue reading

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I Was Don Ho’s Ho

I WAS DON HO’S HO It isn’t a mistake, and I know what you’re thinking. Because although there is some irony in that Don LOVED Ho-ho’s, I still meant what I said- I was Don Ho’s ho; not Don’s Ho-ho. He enjoyed … Continue reading

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Former Fighter

Former Fighter I never had things my way. Things never came easy, like it seemed for most people. I used to fight for everything all the time. I’d get what I wanted rarely, but it was always a big struggle. … Continue reading

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