Here. There. Everywhere.

Do you ever experience those times when you feel like you’re split into halves? You’re dwelling on more levels than one? In more realms than just this, or simply here?

Welcome to my world.

Life is moving in all directions at a pace that seems faster than the Datona 500, and I am not even sure how fast that is as I am not into race cars.

I just know that sometimes it feels like I can’t keep up. I don’t know where the exit sign is, or if there is an exit, for that matter.

Since I last blogged lots has happened. First of all, many of you know I live surrounded by old growth woods. We have a rich diversity of winged animals, and recently one of our largest and most magnificent, a red-tailed female hawk, perished. How did I know…one might not notice? She was lying directly beside our driveway one day. I stopped, got out of my car, was horrified and curious- no blood, not lying directly under any tree. Did she simply die of old age? Regardless, it haunted me throughout that weekend. That day, when I’d returned  home, I moved her position to an old oak tree stump, the very one from which I watched her devour many of her prey over the years.

Then, as life would have it, and later this cold and wet spring than ever before, the robins are building their nest in the lilac bush. And so, with a death comes creation, and soon, babies.

I had the good fortune of attending yet another kick-off of mentor and teacher Judy Bridges | Shut Up & Write!. She and her troup, Amy Lou Jenkins, Sara Rattan, and Maura Fitzgerald all read and entertained the troops at one of the finest gems of all bookstores in Milwaukee: Woodland Pattern Book Center. If you have never been to this sacred spot, what are you waiting for?

Then, last Saturday, I led the second “Flash in the Pan” workshop last for RedBird-RedOak Writing. We had 12 participants and the wrap-up from my exceptional boss, Kim Suhr is here: Flash a Blast! Thanks to everyone for their interest in this genre that continues to fascinate and intrigue me.

Here are the links to some new pieces:

Implications by Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash for week #51: unintended consequences.

Buried by Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash for week #52: threesome.

Also, thirtynine contains the third “quarter” collection from 52/250 and my piece, Elements of K, is included. This is an elegiac tribute to my mother, Kay.

This project, 52/250, was one of the most ambitious and gratifying projects that I was involved with for the 2010-2011 writing year. I am eternally grateful to Michelle Elvy, Walter Bjorkman and John Wentworth Chapin, friends and extra-ordinary writers indeed.

Two different writing experiences, both involve reflecting on my own writing. Gay Degani, Words in Place, asked me to ponder my flash piece in “On Writing “Recollection” and Flash Fiction. This was no easy task, to write more words about a micro-fiction than it contains itself! 229 Yet, I felt up for the challenge, and so, thanks to Gay at Flash Fiction Chronicles (and to Ana Carrete at New Wave Vomit for publishing “Recollection.”)

Speaking of Flash Fiction Chronicles, I was thrilled to see that they are amassing a list of 100 Story Links in Honor of Short Story Month 2011. Then, I was ecstatic to see my short piece, “10,000 Dollar Pyramid” added to the list (#66! Good omen!) Thanks to the editors and to dear pal, and writer fantastique, Meg Tuite. What would I do without you?

My poem, “Fragments” is up at Fictionaut, originally at phantom kangaroo. Thanks Claudia for creating my favorite new (haunting) poetry site.

Party Like an Animal, is up at HOUSEFIRE! Thanks Riley Michael Parker, cowboy killer.

And just today, Susan Tepper engages me in her Monday Chat with Robert Vaughan – Fictionaut Blog. Such fun!

So, see what I mean? Life is busy, busy, busy. I have work forthcoming in Connotation Press, Other Room Journal, Pure Slush, Eunoia Review, among several other journals.

And finally the sun is out. Pouring into my office. Aaahhh.

That makes me very happy.


About Robert Vaughan

Originally from NY, Robert leads week long National writing retreats at sites like Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Synergia Ranch, and EarthRise IONS. His poems and fiction are published in over 600 print and online magazines, such as Necessary Fiction, BlazeVOX, Los Angeles Weekly, Literary Orphans and Smokelong Quarterly. He is Editor-in-Chief at Bending Genres and leads round- tables for Redoak Writing in Milwaukee. He is nine times a Pushcart Prize Nominee and his fiction and poetry have won awards, including a Micro-Fiction runner-up (2012) and twice a finalist in the Gertrude Stein Fiction Award (2013-14). His books are: Microtones (Cervena Barva Press); Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits (Deadly Chaps); Addicts & Basements (Civil Coping Mechanisms); RIFT, co-authored with Kathy Fish (Unknown Press), and FUNHOUSE (Unknown Press).
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14 Responses to Here. There. Everywhere.

  1. Wallace says:

    I do know this indescribable thing you are getting at here, the phenomenon of being in more than one place at any given time. Yup. Congrats on all of your written publications and I really enjoyed your interview at Fictionaut. Made me happy to hear your NYC “voice,” so get back home soon now, you hear?

  2. Cynthia says:

    Congratulations on all of your success, Robert! While it comes as no surprise, your humble spirit shines through at least in your blog comments. I love, for instance, how touched you were at the passing of the red-tailed hawk. And I’ll bet you know how, better than anyone to turn that into some impetus for a poem or flash piece.

  3. gaydegani says:

    Thanks for the pingback to Flash Fiction Chronicles and even Words in Place. You are a gentleman and a scholar…and of course a writer!!

  4. Theo says:

    Moving at the speed of light! Or sound! Or something…you really are, my friend! Way to go, the interview, the Flash Fiction Chronicles, and all of your publications- you are a breath away from your first collection. Can you feel it? Are you ready for it?

  5. Andrea says:

    You make me happy. Congrats on all the wonderful things going on!
    Sorry too hear about that hawk….sad.

  6. Yasmine says:

    Your writing is appearing everywhere and that makes me so happy! Keep up the great work!

  7. Dex says:

    I like all of your work, Robert, but your piece that appeared in Flash Fiction Chronicles that was about your writing process was especially interesting to me. Great insights revealed. Do you have more articles like these? I guess they are non-fiction, huh?

  8. ganymeder says:

    I’m glad to see you’re getting lots of exposure and still have lots of projects going on. It’s been lovely reading your work, and I’ll miss the 52/250 challenge too!

  9. Don says:

    Great work Robert, just read your latest flash up at In Between Altered States. Your roll just keeps unraveling! Way to go!

  10. JR Price says:

    Man, you are one busy writer! I had a feeling when you started this blog that your momentum would carry you as far as you wanted to go. Just don’t burn out! Take time to nurture yourself, live life with addition to all of the great writing you share with all of us lucky ones. And the book? When it is coming?

  11. Sam Sung Song says:

    rgv7735 is awesome! I bookmarked it and will visit often! Thanks!

  12. Neal H. says:

    Love your blog and the writing is gorgeous!

  13. Diana Banner says:

    I love, I’ve bookmarked for future perusal.

  14. Nedra says: is super, bookmarked!

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