Hump It Up Day!

Hello everyone!

Setting record high temperatures here in Milwaukee, a possibility today! Something tells me the heat is on! Which means, this is quite the HUMP day indeed.

Here are 10 or more writerly-artistic things that have my attention lately:

 1) Lost in Thought issue 2 has arrived!!! Contains such inspiring photography, with pieces like my “3 C’s,” accompanied by amazing images. Also includes writers Tuite, Tepper, Reese, Wong, Hoffs, Stancek, MAK, among many others. Thanks editor, Kyle Schroder!

2) Check out my new piece “Stand Here” up at Fictionaut, originally appeared in Durable Goods issue 58. Thanks, editor Aleathia Drehmer!

And, one more: “The First Time I Lied,” is up at Art Faccia. I just love this kickass site, thanks pal and editor, Jamie E. Reich:

3) Vouched contributor Tyler Gobble chats with Gregory Sherl at Smalldoggies:

4) Even indie authors have their day! Latest news about Cheryl Strayed:

5) I had the great fortune of reading with Chloe Caldwell at AWP and her new book of essays is out from Future Tense Books. Her recent Rumpus piece:

6) Have you checked out the all-women’s Sententia 4: What She Said? Editors extra-ordinare Paula Bomer, Jen Michalski and Amy King assemble great work from the likes of Tuite, Flick, Fowler, Lippmann, and so many others:

7) An exquisite interview with Michelle Elvy and Christopher Allen about being an “expat” author and so much more (and thanks for the mention, ME!!!). All on CA’s great travel blog:

8) I’d meant to mention this touching story before AWP and simply forgot. But it’s too good to let slip by. Josh Denslow brings it memoir style in “Say Goodnight, George” at The Lit Pub:

9) The new BULL: Men’s Fiction is here, contains “Houseboy” from Sara Lippmann, Also Ethyl Rohan, and many other fantastic writers:

10) I have a mash-up at Short Fast & Deadly’s new site! Thanks, editors Eryk Wenziak for the nudge, and Joseph Quintela. (Also a nod to Eryk for his e.e. cummings homage “since feeling is first” and Meg Tuite’s “Unsaid” for providing the words):

And, please, please help Flash Fiction Fridays to remain the #1 selection in Literature and Fiction at Lulu. Order your copy now:


About Robert Vaughan

Originally from NY, Robert leads week long National writing retreats at sites like Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Synergia Ranch, and EarthRise IONS. His poems and fiction are published in over 500 print and online magazines, such as Necessary Fiction, BlazeVOX, Los Angeles Weekly, Literary Orphans and Smokelong Quarterly. He is Editor-in-Chief at (b)OINK magazine and leads round- tables for Redoak Writing in Milwaukee. He is six times a Pushcart Prize Nominee and his fiction and poetry have won awards, including a Micro-Fiction runner-up (2012) and twice a finalist in the Gertrude Stein Fiction Award (2013-14). His books are: Microtones (Cervena Barva Press); Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits (Deadly Chaps); Addicts & Basements (Civil Coping Mechanisms); RIFT, co-authored with Kathy Fish (Unknown Press), and FUNHOUSE (Unknown Press).
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7 Responses to Hump It Up Day!

  1. christopher says:

    Great list,RV! Thank you so much for the mention!

  2. I LOVE these Hump Day updates, Robert. You are a generous and talented soul–Those two rare qualities don’t always mix well, but in you, they’re a perfect blend! Thanks for all the good info. every Wednesday. Rock on.

  3. megtuite says:

    Thank you, amazing Robert, for keeping me up on what’s happening! And thank you so much for the mentions!!! You are a rocket!

  4. P. Grant says:

    Excellent post! Love your writing.

  5. Theo says:

    Stand Here is one of my favorite pieces of yours that I’ve read. Congratulations.

  6. Anne says:

    I really enjoy these hump day posts. Helps the week to go quicker withbso many great things to check out. Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Brian Bartoli says:

    Your mash-up poem is exquisite, Robert! Really like that idea, also.

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