HUMP day reflections

HUMP day reflections:

I was honored to read with Jason Lee Norman on his Americas book tour, stop # 2 in Milwaukee at: What a great spot for a reading! Upon entering, friend Pam Parker commented, I feel like I’m back in college! And I had to agree, but the premise of this Cooperative is unique: one of only two in the entire country at this time. The reading went off without a hitch, with so many great writing friends for a captive audience, some from as far away as Racine. (Not to mention Jason and Lamya drove from Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA!) And in the 100 degree heat! Even our bartender was full of compliments! Afterwards, Stephanie Lecci from WUWM’s Lake Effect was in the house so we could record our July segment of Flash Fiction Friday: Jason read a story from his Americas book: “Argentina.” In all there are 22 stories, and if you have not yet read this gem of a book, you must. Here is more information:

And because a band I really like, Metric, is from CANADA, this is for you, Jason and Lamya: Thanks Deco Dawson for the short film.

Here are some other happenings around cyber land and elsewhere:

1) Exciting news for me at JMWW magazine. Thanks, Jen Michalski: If you are writing flash fiction, please consider us when submitting!!!

2) Thaisa Frank’s new stunning collection, New and Selected Stories:

3) Robert Kloss/ Amber Sparks at Vinyl Poetry:

4) Interview by Rafe Posey with Paul Lisicky at Cobalt Review:

5) Matthew Salesses at Necessary Fiction on What Matters in our Stories:

6) Please vote for xTx’s story, The Mill Pond in the storySouth contest: And I’m not just saying this to sway your vote. Read her dang “HOLY COW!” story here:

7) Such a fascinating interview with Kristine Ong Muslim and Meg Tuite at HER KIND:

8) Have you seen the new Thrice Fiction? Have you read it? What a lovely magazine, so honored to have my piece included, thanks, editors Bob and David:

9) Poet Michael McGriff is podcast at PBS Newshour, and his poem ‘Alone in Hell’s Canyon,’ is posted here, thanks Dorianne Laux for the link:

10) And the best bonus ever: friends having kids that are just the best combination. Read why: Thanks for this gift, Michael and Amy. Welcome, Sheldon!

And this just in: Michelle Reale interviews Heather Fowler about her new story collection, People With Holes. Great title, isn’t it? The Slant Interview with Heather Fowler « Flash Fiction Chronicles


About Robert Vaughan

Originally from NY, Robert leads week long National writing retreats at sites like Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Synergia Ranch, and EarthRise IONS. His poems and fiction are published in over 500 print and online magazines, such as Necessary Fiction, BlazeVOX, Los Angeles Weekly, Literary Orphans and Smokelong Quarterly. He is Editor-in-Chief at (b)OINK magazine and leads round- tables for Redoak Writing in Milwaukee. He is six times a Pushcart Prize Nominee and his fiction and poetry have won awards, including a Micro-Fiction runner-up (2012) and twice a finalist in the Gertrude Stein Fiction Award (2013-14). His books are: Microtones (Cervena Barva Press); Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits (Deadly Chaps); Addicts & Basements (Civil Coping Mechanisms); RIFT, co-authored with Kathy Fish (Unknown Press), and FUNHOUSE (Unknown Press).
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11 Responses to HUMP day reflections

  1. Andrea says:

    HUMP!!!! Miss you like crazy!!!!

  2. Beverly Coats says:

    Metric! Love them and mostly her! Congratulations on your new digs at JMWW! So well-deserved.

  3. Dottie says:

    So happy for you and your new JMWW title, Robert! Great news. Thanks for all the support of other writers, too! As always, you give so much back to everyone else!

  4. Josh says:

    Fantastic news about the senior editor at JMWW position. I’m also a Metric fan and saw them live last year. Excellent band!

  5. Riva says:

    Great post and thanks for all the useful writing information!

  6. JR Price says:

    Robert, I can’t keep up with you, my friend! Great news about the senior editor position! So excited about your readings. Wow!

  7. Wallace says:

    All of these posts, your HUMP day blogs, are all terrific! So happy for you.

  8. Thaisa Frank says:

    Hey–congratulations on your reading! And thanks for the nice mention.

  9. Eric Nathaniel Wilson says:

    Thanks for the amazing info. I find these posts have so much material. I can’t wait to get a chance to read all these great posts. Thank you very much.

  10. Carolina says:

    Thanks for all of this fantastic information!

  11. Edie says:

    So great to listen to your latest Flash Fiction Friday show, one of my favorites so far. Congratulations!

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