National Poetry Month: April 12

Hi friends!

It’s that time of the month. No, not that one, silly! The one where you wake up and think, time for a haircut! I’m that way, spontaneous. I can’t decide when I leave the salon when to pre-book my next one. A friend of mine told me recently that she’s lobbed her own locks for the past several years. Bravo, I thought. I did that once, in my twenties, and ended up having to shave my head. When my buddy Gregory and I slipped into Mexico for a quick weekend getaway, the locals took me for a skinhead. Um, no.

Haircuts are us: quirky, relaxing. The favorite part of the service (they’ve done studies) from a consumer’s standpoint: the shampoo. Some haircuts make for better headstands. Some are snazzy sidling up to a roaring fire. All in all, haircuts fascinate me. And that’s why today I chose to read Evelyn Hampton’s “some haircuts” from her prose/poetry collection We Were Eternal and Gigantic at Magic Helicopter Press:

Robert Vaughan reads “some haircuts” by Evelyn Hampton – YouTube

cover art by Chelsea Martin

When  is the last time you had a remarkable haircut? How did it cling to bulwarks? Where was your gel when you most needed some? Are you still a mousse user and are afraid your friends will see you buying it at Rite-Aid?

Love your hair- hope it wins.




About Robert Vaughan

Originally from NY, Robert leads week long National writing retreats at sites like Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Synergia Ranch, and EarthRise IONS. His poems and fiction are published in over 500 print and online magazines, such as Necessary Fiction, BlazeVOX, Los Angeles Weekly, Literary Orphans and Smokelong Quarterly. He is Editor-in-Chief at (b)OINK magazine and leads round- tables for Redoak Writing in Milwaukee. He is six times a Pushcart Prize Nominee and his fiction and poetry have won awards, including a Micro-Fiction runner-up (2012) and twice a finalist in the Gertrude Stein Fiction Award (2013-14). His books are: Microtones (Cervena Barva Press); Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits (Deadly Chaps); Addicts & Basements (Civil Coping Mechanisms); RIFT, co-authored with Kathy Fish (Unknown Press), and FUNHOUSE (Unknown Press).
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2 Responses to National Poetry Month: April 12

  1. Jim McCabe says:

    I got some great haircuts back in the early ’80’s. I was living in a little college town in western New York, and I had a dear friend who could really work those scissors.

    I don’t have as much hair now, and I get what’s there razor cut by a Mexican barber. Most days I go Sam Jackson style with a Kangol 504.

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